Pride Visions

Monday, December 25, 2006

Xmas in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, city of Angeles, how so far from the truth
Highest in crime, higher in immorality, these entire angels are so uncouth
Overcrowded, overindulgence, overpriced, oversexed, this place takes away you youth

Half the populace gay, the other said to be, sexual perversion is the going buffet
A Fellatio parfait, the anal pathway, dementia is this townships foreplay
To my dismay I wish to get away, I wonder what’s in the mind of Yahweh

Black are minorities, whites are too, you must speak Spanish to order at the drive through
The place is a zoo, it lack any virtue, emigrational pots forge this overpopulated fondue
Diversity is good one can’t argue, oceans, mountains and desert’s the venue –
     The people are the thing that needs renew.

It is wrong for me to be so negative, for tis the season to be very positive
Though the people feel captive, they still fill festive, for this is the time to give
To not be passive and without a dire motive, this time of year I must be pensive

Negativity is not my litmus. This time is not to be made infamous, happiness is a must
With much fondness, I wish to all kindness, gracious gratis with precious tenderness
I shall be the isthmus to pass to all a very merry Christmas


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