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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Gas Pricing

       I happen to drive a full size Ford Bronco which is by definition an extreme gas hog. I don’t love my truck but I do really enjoy having it and have experienced some great moments with it. Lately though I have been observing the amount of visits I make to my local gas station. I am not one to complain about the gas prices or the amount I pay for filling that colossal fuel devourer. The saying: ‘If you want to give a dance, you must pay the band,’ comes to mind.
       As time rolled by I started to realize that twenty dollars of gas would only give me an eighth of a tank of gas when prior I was able to put in a half tank. My mind soared into nostalgia of my first car. I will be dating myself with this but I am very proud of my age. When I was filling up my first car gas prices statewide annual averaged, full-serve unleaded:. 1973, 57.2 cents. 1974, 60.8 cents. 1975, 63.5 cents. 1976, 67.5 cents .. Today we are paying more than five times what I paid with my first car.
       Don’t get me wrong I am not cheep. . . No wait, I am cheep, as a matter of fact my second middle name is cheep and I don’t like the amount of money being dished out for gas! Forget the cost of living figure; the expenditure out going to minimum wage does not match. Minimum wage should be over $8.00 an hour today to keep up with the price of good and service based on 1973 figures.
       Then I heard of the Land of really, really cheap gas. Venezuelans pay 12 cents a gallon -- and not a penny more. (read more). How and why are the richest nations of the world paying such a high per gallon price when Venezuelans pay only snippets for their gas?
       I decided to look into the matter as I noticed that parts of the country pays less for gas than other parts. But the confusing part of the price difference is that the areas that pay a lesser pump price per gallon are states that have their gas shipped in. Areas like Los Angeles which is surrounded by oil rigs destroying the scenery of the coast line and who also have the refineries to turn the crude into gas, have a higher price per gallon at the pumps.
       I got it, tax brakes for the refineries to perform in the state and the people must pick up the slack. Tax brakes for the petroleum companies for digging off the coast, destroying the view and endangering the environment while making the consumer foots the bill for the tax cuts. Oil Profits Soar with Pump Prices. read more
       Oil Company’s CEO’s earn $42,000.00 a week as reported by a senior writer while I have been forced to park my wonderful truck as often as I can afford to because I cant afford not to. I was one who if needed to run to the corner store I would just hop into my truck and make that run. Now I consider and reconsider if I really need to go out. If I do need to make a little run I now walk or ride my bicycle. As a matter of fact I now ride my bike to the gym which is six miles round trip rather than driving my fun SUV. When I have to really go out I make long list so I can accomplish all my task in one run.
       I have been able to save only forty dollars a week. For me that is good but I would rather be banking $42,000.00 a week!


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