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Monday, September 04, 2006

Farewell to Steve Irwin

     A few years ago an insanely off the wall man came across my Tele and I thought he needed a shrink.  He would jump into the water with wild crocodiles, (as if a croc is anything but wild,) and he would pick up venomous shakes with his bare hands by their tails and hold them up for us to see.  Steve Irwin, known as the crocodile hunter came into my household with the flair and insanity of a person who truly cared about the other creatures that we share this earth with.  I began to become effected with his love for Australia and the animals of the world.  His calmness with viperous, aggressive and dangerous creatures was amazing as he was able to show us the beauty of said creatures without harm to himself or the creature.  That calmness and tenderness is something we all should learn from.
     Steve Irwin is no longer with us in parson as he was recently killed doing what he loved.  I am deeply saddened by his passing but I am not going to weep for him for he showed me that a life should be celebrated.  Steve Irwin gave so much to this world in the short 44 years.   Terri Irwin, Steve‚Äôs wife and their two children, I know will continue with the work that Steve made his destiny.  I wish to use this platform to thank Steve Irwin for his dedication and enormous love for the animals of this world.  I also wish to give my condolences to Terri and the rest of the Irwin family including his best mate West.   Read more


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